Hostel “Casa delle Balie”


Casa delle Balie is a hostel for those travelling along the Francigena. The building is situated between via Franciosa, Vicolo San Girolamo, Vicolo del Pozzo and via de’ Fusari. It was once the house where wet-nurses working for the close Santa Maria della Scala Hospital used to look after abandoned children.

Over the ages the building has changed the purpose it was built for, until finally becoming a hostel for pilgrims.

The Hostel, with an area of 350 mq, has 5 rooms and a total of 25 beds with shared bathrooms. Each room can host from 3 to 8 people.

There are two entrances to the hostel: the main one is in Vicolo San Girolamo; the other one, in via de’ Fusari close to Piazza del Duomo, has an easy access for people with disablities, for whom the hostel has a room with dedicated hygienic services.


At the moment the Hostel is closed to pilgrims as it is temporarly used to host ucranian refugees.