Si.Ge.Ri.Co. Spa

As of October 2008 Siena Parcheggi Spa (now Si.Ge.Ri.Co. Spa) is an ‘In House Providing’ company of the Municipality of Siena, who owns 100% of its shares. Siena Parcheggi Spa has always been a parking and mobility delivery tool for city of Siena.

On January 2022 the Company starts working under the new name of “Si.Ge.Ri.Co. Spa” – Siena Gestione Risorse Comunali.

Si.Ge.Ri.Co. Spa is a real multiservice society, with a growing number of managed activities other than parkings and mobility: local taxes management and collection service, management of  S. Maria della Scala Museum and the nearby café, management of “Casa delle Balie” Hostel and management of pay toilets in the City of Siena.

The best way to get to know our activities is to hear it from the voice of the people who make them possible, with their expertise and passion. Watch the videos!