Train station-Porta Camollia escalator

This escalator connects the Train Station with the Antiporto di Camollia area, situated a few hundred meters away from “Porta Camollia”, crossing the shops of the Porta Siena shopping center. It is perfect for those coming to Siena by train or by bus and want to reach the City Center quickly. It is excellent also for those coming by car, considering that the train station takes advantage of the inexpensive car park of the same name. This one is the latest escalator made by Siena Municipality. Launched in 2011, it covers a path of 283 meters and overcome a height of 62 meters. This escalator has a maximum load of 6.000 people per hour.

RIsalita Stazione-Antiporto-Porta Camollia

People with disabilities can use a  dedicated taxi service.

Open 24/7.
Services: pay toilets

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