Parking facilities

SI.GE.RI.CO. Spa manages over 4.000 parking places in eight different parking facilities situated in strategic areas of the city. Those coming to visit our city will easily find a convenient parking solution for their vehicle.

San Francesco car park, Santa Caterina car park and La Stazione car park are equipped with escalators to reach the city centre, with a dedicated Taxi service for people with disabilities on demand. All parking facilities have pay toilets.

Parking facilities are not supervised, however, a 24/7 surveillance system is present for the security of car park users. With technology it is indeed possible to promptly find a solution to eventual access problems or any other kind of emergency directly from the operations centre. An audio/video operator is present 24/7 to assist you.

Parking rates are listed at the following link

Below you can also check the available parking places of our parking facilities in real time.


Il Campo
Il Duomo 2S
Il Duomo 1S - ZTL
Il Duomo T/1
S.Francesco 1S
S.Francesco T
La Stazione