Alternative ZTL permit for residents

The Alternative ZTL Permit is specifically designed for residents living in the historical city center that have problems finding a parking place for their vehicles.

ZTL residents can park their cars (without additional costs) at the following parking facilities: Il Campo, San Francesco, Santa Caterina e Il Duomo. They can also park in the Area of particular Urbanistic Relevance (ARU) associated with the ZTL area where they live.

Permesso sostitutivo della sosta in ZTL

The four parking facilities have a limited number of reserved places for ZTL residents, associated with different areas of the historical city center:

Parcheggio Il Campo: 30 places for zone 2 (Romana) and zone 3 (Tufi) residents
Parcheggio San Francesco: 30 places (level -1) for zone 1 (Ovile) and zone 6 (Camollia) residents
Parcheggio Santa Caterina: 40 places for zone 4 (Fontebranda) residents
Parcheggio Il Duomo: 10 places (parking entrance “B”, level -1)  for zone 5 (San Marco) residents

The alternative ZTL permit is a contactless card and has to be tapped at the entrace and exit of the parking facilities. If all reserved places are already taken, the bar at the entrance doesn’t lift: to avoid paying the full parking rate, we suggest taking a regular ticket and leaving the parking facility within 15 minutes.

The permit authorizes parking only in the facility associated with the specific ZTL zone assigned  and it is not possible to park in the facility more than one vehicle at a time. Once one car is parked inside the parking facility, the ZTL permit cannot be used on a second car to access the ZTL.